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...and not just for SNOWBIRDS !
pressure washing
What a difference between the
pressure washed tile roof area and the remaining darker sections. 
Let us make your home sparkle, too. 
Just call for a quote.
Mowing large or small yards

 A well landscaped front yard
before and after power washing
Landscaping adds value to your home.  Whether it is a new landscaping job or a redo, we listen to what you want.
Pressure washing the driveway is a good way to make your house beautiful. 
We can do yours, too.
This much more interesting walk has been completed.
After hurricanes we stay busy
with all kinds of debris removal.
The bridge needed soil removed to allow for more drainage.
This building had many vulnerable windows that needed protection.
More paved walkway.
Beautiful paved patio.
Check out this firepit.
Water can now flow freely.
This walk circle has just begun
to connect the home to the dock.
Mowing is essential for keeping a well-maintained appearance.  We can develop a mowing schedule that works best for your needs.

finished walkway             waklway
circle in progress

walkway bridge nearly finished
bridge drainage repair

hurricane preparation that included window protection
Hurricane clean up

Brick is laid
brick walkway

More brick walks